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Luxury Homes Real Estate

Luxury Homes

Luxury homes are new, hot commodity in the Oklahoma City metro and outlying cities including Edmond and Yukon. These homes feature a variety of different amenities and each one is located in varying neighborhoods throughout the metro area. Whether you’re looking for an elegant pool, an elevator, waterfront views, golf courses, lots of land, or any combination of these, allow us to help you find the perfect Luxury home. If you’re interested in a particular neighborhood for your future home, feel free to take a look at our other community pages as well.

Luxury homes are available in many areas of the Oklahoma City Metro, Edmond, and Yukon. Check out our links below to view Luxury homes near you.

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About Luxury Homes

Luxury homes can greatly vary depending on what you’re looking for and if you are looking for a specific part of the Oklahoma City metro and outlying cities. Each property may be different, but Luxury homes are all appraised at over $1,000,000 in real property. This real property includes the home and land itself, not just the home.

Depending on what you are looking for, numerous amenities can be found on Luxury home properties. As mentioned above, outdoor amenities can be pools, basketball courts, proximity to golf courses, lots of land, and waterfront views. Interior amenities can include indoor pools and spas, exercise rooms, and gourmet kitchens. Be sure to ask us if you’re looking for something specific in your new home!

Amenities for Luxury Homes in Oklahoma City

Whether your new Luxury home is located North, South, East, or West, it is only minutes from the wonderful attractions that Oklahoma City has to offer. Oklahoma City is surrounded by highways that offer easy access to any part of the city and make travel much easier for those who may live outside of it. Major roads in Oklahoma City include interstate 35, highway 77, interstate 44, interstate 40, and the famous route 66. Use the roads to explore Bricktown and catch a Thunder game in central Oklahoma City, head North for great shopping and restaurants, or spend time at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Science Museum on the east side of the city.

Oklahoma City hosts numerous health complexes, family medical care and urgent cares throughout the city. On average, medical care is about 10 minutes away from your home. There are also numerous schools throughout Oklahoma City including elementary, middle school, high school, and universities. Most public schools are serviced by the Oklahoma City public school system. Luxury homes in Oklahoma City, as well as Edmond and Yukon, offer quite of few of similar amenities when it comes to health care access, schools, shopping, and utilities. Each community offers its own charm, so feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Amenities for Luxury Homes in Edmond

Located only minutes north of Oklahoma City lies Edmond; offering small town appeal with big city services, Edmond has plenty to offer those who own a Luxury home in the city itself or on the outskirts. Edmond offers easy access for all of its residents to any area of town or to other areas of Oklahoma by access to the local highways including highway 77. Similarly to Oklahoma City, Edmond provides access to numerous health care access just minutes from homes. Edmond does host fewer schools than Oklahoma City, but the quality and education offered are just as superb.

Amenities for Luxury Homes in Yukon
To the west of Oklahoma City lies another small town with great appeal, yet big city amenities in Yukon. Housing the famous route 66 down the middle of the city, Yukon offers convenience to those nearby Luxury homes in the area. If you’re a country music fan, be sure to also check out Garth Brooks Boulevard. One of the great things about Yukon, as well as Edmond, is that they feature quite of few of the same services as Oklahoma City. Whether that is health care access, schools, shopping, or utilities, each community boosts similarities, but differ in charm.