High achievers that are Hungry, Humble, and Smart are drawn to Homestead & Co.

As an Agent with Homestead & Co, you should be aware that our goals and expectations as a brokerage are very high.

We realize those cannot be reached unless we have properly-trained, highly motivated and goal-oriented people on our team.

  • Hungry- Motivated, self-started, and driven,
  • Humble- Teachable, coachable, and eager to learn.
  • Smart- Quick on your feet, forward thinking, and naturally perceptive.

Why Homestead & Co?

You’ll receive 300 leads a year as a full time agent on our team.

You are given access to a state of the art customer management system, designed to keep you on task and in touch with your clients.

Our paper free transaction management system allows you to work digitally on any transaction.

Success manager and weekly one on one’s provided at no extra cost.

We provide a modern, open concept office that promotes on site training.

Our office flex space comes at no additional cost or monthly fee.

We provide full time marketing/listing coordinator  that ensures your listings are marketed at the highest level.

You’ll love our weekly communications skills training!

Monthly team events and sales incentives help drive our team culture.

Lastly, we like to work hard to play hard, stay humble, and motivate our agents to be the very best version of themselves.