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    Are you eligible to save money?

    Do you own a home in the state of Oklahoma?!

    If you answered yes, you could be eligible to save money just by owning a home!


    14455 N Dobbs
    Luther OK




    Homestead Exemption Valuation
    Homestead Exemption is an exemption of $1,000 of the assessed valuation. This can be a savings of $87 to$134 depending on which area of the county you are located . It will also allow you to keep your home if you happen to be going through bankruptcy or a lawsuit.

    To Qualify
    You must be the homeowner who resides in the property on January 1. The deed must be executed on or before January 1 and filed with the County Clerks Office on or before February 1. You must also be a resident of Oklahoma!

    Ready to see if you qualify? Click on the link below to apply!



    Don’t own a home in Oklahoma but would like to? Give me a shout at 405-358-7039 or check out my website to see available homes !



    Written by Kasie Davis

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