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HCO Leasing

HCO Leasing is our preferred referral partner for property management.

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Agent referral progam:

Your client stays your client: Poperty managers are required to hold a real estate license in the state of Oklahoma.  When an agent refers clients to a property manager, how can they be sure to retain that client for future sales? HCO Leasing's commmittment to referral partners is simple: We won't steal your clients.

You Decide: As the referring agent, you get to decide what happens when your client wants to buy or sell more properties.  We know that our referral partners always have their clients' best interest at heart, and HCO Leasing does too.

Options: However, experience tells us that not all agents share a passion for working with investors - so we give options. 

At the time of referral HCO Leasing asks the agent if they would prefer HCO Leasing to send the client directly back to the agent and refuse to help the owner buy or sell properties, OR would they prefer a referral fee paid upon a successful close?

HCO Leasing's committment to owners:

A referral is the highest professional compliment: A referral is also a reflection of the person referring, so here's HCO Leasing's committment to owners:

We treat your investments like our investments:  As investors ourselves, we understand how important it is to maximize returns.  We do this by 

Assetts you can be proud of:   Quality tenants are integral to mainting high quality assetts.  Quality tenants are attracted to quality properties, so we keep our managed properties up to the standards of the tenants that we are targeting to attract.

Serving the community: Providing quality housing is an integral part of serving the community.  One of the biggest complaints tenants have about property managers is their lack of upkeep on a property and poor communication.  Our tenants have frequent and clear communication about what to expect when leasing our properties. 

HCO Leasing